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Office of the Vice Chancellor Student Affairs University of California, Irvine


Guide to Serving Alcoholic Beverages at UCI Sponsored Events

Are you planning an event where alcoholic beverages will be served? Below are some steps to hosting a safe and legal event. All UCI Sponsored Events that include the service of alcoholic beverages must be in compliance with UCI Alcohol Policy, Section 900-13 and California State Law.


UCI’s Section 900-13, Policy on the Sale, Service and Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages

California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC)


What are the steps to have alcohol service approved for my event?

1. Submit a UCI Alcohol Request Form (20 business days in advance)

  • Event Location Approver & Approving Authority must be signed
  • For events on University premises, include a detailed diagram of the location where alcohol will be served that shows:
    • Layout of alcohol service area with approximate dimensions
    • Barricade parameters (for outdoor events only)
    • Clearly marked entrance and exit pathways. Signs stating “no alcohol beyond this point” must be posted at all exits.

2. Hospitality & Dining will review the Alcohol Request Form and will contact you for further instructions

  • If there will be a sale of alcohol, Hospitality & Dining can assist with this process

3. Submit required documents and wait for approval 



3 Steps for a Successful UCI Event with Alcoholic Beverage Service

Alcohol Process Flow Chart

How to Obtain Required Licenses to Sell Alcoholic Beverages at UCI Events 


Other Resources

Important Highlights from the UCI Alcohol Policy, Section 900-13

Citations from California Law Related to Alcoholic Beverages